måndag 28 april 2014

Living value

How do you value your accommodation? 

My grandma rented an attached house at her late senior years. It was more like a little green house at the end of the big complex. 

A small sleeping room, accompanying living room and a larger galley made out the kitchen area. A sunny terrace outside with flowers and possibility to plant something of your own. It was neither fancy or exclusive. Rather practical. 

As the complex was newly built it come with a lofty rent. She was not completely out of money, but as we all want to have it; we want let our monthly income pay for our running costs. Her pension was modest and the lease made a decent dent in the purse.

Thankfully - she had an optimistic view; she always said one third of the rent was for space and heating, the rest two third, was for comfort and coziness. She really enjoyed and found sheer pleasure to live in a nice cottage surrounded by great neighbours.

How do we value housing today. 

Today, we have lost composure. We buy flats with price tag of 30.000-60.000 SEK per square meter and year in central districts in greater cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Is this for living or just plain speculation?

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