torsdag 3 oktober 2013

How To Use Your Hips In Your Golf Downswing

Golf is back on track

 This guy Marc Crossfield knows how to strike a perfect golf swing - see, listen and get inspired!


 If you're going into buying Golf stocks, are there three brands to check-out. 

1 Callaway - buy Callaway (7.19 USD)- currently under financial pressure since 2008. Could be a perfect match for a larger sporting company.

2 Cobra - buy PUMA stocks (221.58 EUR), if you prefer the Cobra clubs. PUMA recently got a new CEO from Pandora DK. Björn Gulden. 

 3 Taylor Made - buy Adidas stocks (81,30 EUR), if you prefer the Taylor Made in your bag.

Of course Nike is also an option. 

 Currently, we are not holding any of these securities in our portfolio.

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