tisdag 3 september 2013

3 valuable things I learnt from working at Sony Mobile

How long do you keep a Smartphone?

 - 12, 18 or 24 months, probably not longer. Then you have to replace it – just to catch latest technology, features and/or what’s in fashion.  

The industries have to keep up with your varying demands and offer new products with record-speed, high-frequency and stand-out design.

This is my experiences:

1 Working with excellent colleagues

Yes, we were all lucky to be surrounded by well-educated colleagues with talent, excellent working skills and a passion for get things done – fast and with great will-power. Many are multi-lingual and I still envy this and all places many of them have visited - on duty or off. 

When anyone leaves Sony Mobile – it will always be a very high-valuable fellow.

2 The earth is not flat

We delivered services and products to nearly all corners in the world.  You can imagine, you have find out and deploy processes, systems and functions supporting round the globe, around the clock 24 by 7. Sony Mobile never sleeps. 

Of course we always had to consider local requests and adopt flexibility to reach high set goals and aspirations.  

3 Learning-by-doing

Navigation in fast moving business landscape, along with rapid innovations, improved way of working techniques in an every changing world – requires a lot of patience and holistic view.

- Where can I put down my feet? 

You learn by doing, sharing experiences with colleagues and engage into activities lying ahead.

Working for Sony Mobile a while and you will aquire all skills and have a deep understanding of business areas like marketing, sales, product development, supply management, finance, legal and so on, 

Applicable in any other business or industry.

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