tisdag 27 augusti 2013

Buying stocks on War scare

The terrible conflict in Syria sent the worlds stocks and some currencies on free fall, today. 

Cynically. If you can overcome the mental stress, this will give you opportunities to catch stocks you have on your shopping list or just adding to current positions. 

The famous investor Phillip A. Fisher, who started his investing carrier 1928 at age of 21, wrote in his book "Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits..", "The result is that every time the international stresses of our world produce either a war scare or an actual war, common stocks reflects it". He says this "makes little sense financially".

In the long run will stock price reflect company earnings. It pays to be patient.

Today I found 
- banking cheaper SEB Sweden
- cafe/fast food chain Starbucks US
- white/appliances Electrolux Sweden
- materials Rockwool, Denmark
- materials Novozymes, Denmark

Alla five provides good earnings and with fine future outlook.

American dollars (USD)  fell sharply. 

Sony Corporation advanced along with the Japanese yen

Stock prices  might go further deeper if war breaks out or uncertainty continues.

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