torsdag 22 augusti 2013

Black gold investments


As I follow the market I noticed the Norwegian crone (NOK) as depreciated compared to Swedish SEK and also compared to the euro (EUR) and American dollar (USD). This makes investments in Norway cheaper. A stock I have on my list is Statoil (STA:NO).  The national leading energy company in oil and gas production.

The oil price (Brent crude) will rise over time as the demand increases. The Norwegian currency is lower, Statoil pays dividend and – about 5.7%. Price/earnings (PE) equalsl to 10,8 and estimated PE 8,7 for 2013. 

Not extremely cheap but a good stock to have in long-tern portfolio.

I prefer to keep a stock for at least 3 years.  Price-tag 129.10 NOK/share. I don’t expect the share price to take gigantic leaps upwards but will give a good return.


An alternative investment is Suncor Energy in Canada (SU:US). Suncor has lifted dividends significantly the last years. Warren Buffett also bought in to Suncor.  Suncor is traded around 33.75 USD/share. Dividend 2.26% and PE=11.2 (2013)

Investing in oil and gas production is often connected with great risk and uncertainty.

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